Tuesday, November 1, 2016

End of Day 1 (Prolouge and Chapter 1)


Nothing. There is nothing. Everywhere and nowhere, nothing exists. But, nothing is unstable. Nothing is not sustainable. Being must be and so it shall. And it was and is and ever shall it be. End of epoch.

The void exists. Within the void is energy, the essence of everything knowable, the balance to nothingness. For now there is nothing to know. Perfect order existed for an instant and is now falling into chaos. End of epoch.

The great cooling is begun. As order descends to disorder some of the primordial energy is cooling and coalescing into new things. The entropic dance continues as everything becomes. End of epoch.

Awareness, basic instinctual awareness awakes. Moving within what is. Cold and void. Thoughts being to form in the awareness. Thoughts, made up of the very fundamentals of reality have power. The awareness, after a time, sleeps and begins to dream. End of epoch.

Chapter 1

Light creeps in from outside the shuttle craft. It's the middle of the night but our orbits show us morning every 83.24 minutes.  Why is this morning different? Today we break orbit and head for the heart of creation. Well, that is what Fritz says anyway. I’m just Ren a pilot for hire. I will fly any ship that will pay my fee. We are supposedly going to conduct an experiment to discover the nature of existence or something. I find this voyage interesting because we are flying out farther than any Zultarian has before. We are also the first to use the new quantum warp drive in a non-test setting. I should receive the Order of Klarg for this trip. That “honor” should catch him better fees.

Meanwhile, in the cargo hold Dr. Fritz readies his equipment for the jump. Generations of work have gone into making this possible. In Fritz’s culture work stays in the family and is passed down from parent to child. This society formed this way because memory is passed down through the mDNA or Memory DNA. An artificial DNA protein added to the cellular structure hundreds of millennia  ago. Before that happened learning took years and much knowledge and expertise was lost when death occurred. In a way, the mDNA has stopped death, but only in a way. The being still dies but their memories and knowledge live on. An experiment such as reveling the nature of existence itself wouldn’t have been possible before mDNA was created. We are the first species to be able to achieve this level of technical ability.  Over the tele-com (a telepathic intraship communication system) Capt Venn announces “Twenty mins till jump. Is all secure in the Cargo Bay Dr. Fritz?” "Yes, all secure."  Replied Fritz. Truth is it's been more than secure for the entire mission, it's just Fritz's anxiety that has him checking and rechecking. Today he stands on the shoulders of giants of his lineage who came before him. Today he makes history.

Capt. Venn continues down his pre-jump checklist. He has done this thousands of times in the simulator and hundreds of times between Praxar and the waypoint at the outermost colony Vega 2. This was the easy part, it's the overwhelming nausea that he wasn't looking forward to. Jumps cause a slight but brief sensory aphasia, approx 10^600 plank seconds, but it was enough to make him vomit at the start of each jump. Venn sets the ship's computer to a verbal count down at the five minute mark.

Fritz returns to his quarters, if you could call them that, they are quite small and spartan. There isn't room for luxuries or comfort when you make super luminal jumps across time and space. He began to strap in for the jump. In just a matter of moments they will travel at super luminal speeds towards a worm hole that will take them to the spot that had been mathematically discovered by Fritz's great, great, great, great, great, grandfather as the place where, if all goes well, we should discover brand new time and space erupting into existence from nothing. That is what the math indicates that will be found at least. He could almost feel the watchful eyes of his ancestors as he begins this journey.

"Venn to Dax, all system's go?" Venn said as he checked off his last item of his check list. If all goes according to plan in 2 minutes they will be flying faster than light towards a stable wormhole that will take them the rest of the way. Fortunately, the super luminal drive on this craft accomplishes it's seemingly breaking of of the speed of light by dropping into a phased dimension and therefore avoiding time dilation. "All systems go." Dax replied.

Over the the entire ship the final seconds are counted down. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Ion engines engaged. The first stage is ion thrusters take the ship away from the planet at 50% the speed of light. The second stage would take them to the Jump Drive which would slip the ship into a phased shift dimension and to speeds greater than light. After roughly two hours they will phase shift back into their dimension and into the vicinity of the only known stable wormhole. The second count down begins; all is well.

Fritz never liked the idea of traveling at super luminal speeds, he knew too much about the physics and the idea of being blown to smithereens if the billions of calculations a second didn't go perfectly his quarks and muons would be spread across the entire quadrant. He could hear the computer completing the second count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....

Chapter 2

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