Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sol Republic does customer service right!

My recent experience with Sol Republic was awesome. I had purchased a pair of their headphones with my Moto X in December. In March the headphones stopped working properly. I went through Sol Republic's warranty claim process on their website, expecting a long drawn out experience. Instead I received a response to my request within 24 hours. After providing a bit of additional information I had confirmation a replacement set of headphones would be mailed out and arrive within the week. A couple of days later I received a call from Sol Republic Customer Service. I was informed that the specific color headphones I was supposed to be sent was not in stock and would cause a 6 week delay. I really didn't care if I received a different color headphone. The customer service agent asked me what other colors I liked and I replied "I like black or blue, so surprise me with whatever you have in stock." She replied that both colors were in stock and she would get a replacement out asap. I received the replacement yesterday and she actually sent me both blue AND black headphones. Good on you Sol Republic. You made this guy really happy and I will be a solid customer and advocate for your products.


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