Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sedgwick Sucks

I'm starting a compilation of complaints about Sedgewick CMS, the company that handles AT&T's insurance claims. Beyond their lowball offer to compensate us for damaged done by AT&T to our home and lack of any procedures for negotiating the offer, they have been pretty terrible at the customer service. I want to boost their general awfulness higher in the google rankings so others know what a terrible company they are. Who knows, maybe we can enact some change within their company or even have AT&T fire them and make them feel the financial pain a bit.

One Start Yelp Review

This review is for Sedgwick CMS as a whole entity, although I dealt with the Chicago office, they provide disability benefits for corporations, so essentially they are everywhere. I can see Michael Moore film one of his infamous documentaries on Sedgewick CMS, in how they work their hardest to deny individuals their short term disability benefits (me). 

I had a simple ankle surgery that per my orthopedist and the state of California deemed me temporarily disabled, however Sedgewick CMS did not pay my salary (my benefits) until 4 months later, which they partially, only did after I had to contact them over 20 times. They also claimed they did not receive my medical records and denied my claim but interestingly,  told me this over 2 months later. They harangued me with numerous phone calls about providing medical records. The last straw was today, when I was told that my case manager had no information on my returning to work part time and that my case may be subject to review, even though I informed them over 20 times of this, throughout the past 4 months, and that I was told by my company that they have "transcripts" of each conversation to prove this. Hey guys, btw, I gave no consent for you to transcribe what I said. 

Basically, they treated me unprofessionally and unfairly. I can only imagine the hardship for people who have major disabilities, are financially insolvent, or are not as pesky as I had to be. This is what is wrong with the world today, greed and no conscience. 

So in addition to being disabled, you will also become marginalized and poor from Sedgewick CMS.

Sedgewick denies AT&T employees benefits

Sedgwick CMS sucks!!! I work for at&t and I am on medical leave because of severe depression and other emotional problems. Dealing with Sedgwick CMS is like dealing with NORTH KOREA!!! I think they should all be gathered up like the foul beasts that they are, caged up and sent to GITMO PRISON CAMP!!! Their customer service agents that initially answer the phone tell you one story, you speak to a "case manager" with a mannerism that must have been taught to them by mimicking Adolf Hitler, and they tell you a completely different story and treat you like trash. I have requested to speak to a supervisor who must have been trained in psychological warfare and they, with a forked-tongue, will lie to you and send your case back to first person who treated you like trash! That is the furthest I have gotten but I suggest to anyone and everyone that is dealing with them to get an attorney if they have not already done so.

I had my appliances insured through American Home Shield. My wash machine was making a loud noise and I called American home Shield. They sent a Sears tech out and he stopped the noise but when he left I put a load of clothing in the washer. I turned the wash machine on and left the laundry room and returned a few minutes later to find the kitchen flooded with water. The water ruined my kitchen floor and went down into the basement and ruined my ceiling tiles. I called Sears back and they came out the next day. The tech guy claim that he could not find where the water was coming from. I believed that he did not put the water hose back down in the drain and when he came back the next day he realized it and put it in the drain and pushed the wash machine back up against the wall. He told me that his insurance was with sedgwick CMS. I called Sedgwick many many times and left messages after messages. They never would returned any calls. Finally, I got to speak with someone who asked for pictures and 2 estimates. I sent both and again they would not return any calls . Finally I was able to get a supervisor that was very rude and said that she was not going to pay. I contacted American Home Shield and Sears and both said that Sedgwick CMS should pay.

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