Sunday, May 19, 2013

The stupidity of local retailers or Why Amazon is my store of choice.

A short rant about local retailers. Today I went to Autozone to pickup a new cabin air filter for my car. I had to search through a 4 inch book to find the product number for the part that I needed and then search through an unorganized shelf to only find that the part I needed wasn't on the shelf. After about five minutes of waiting for assistance someone was able to pull the part from the back. While I was waiting on the employees to assist I pulled up the exact same part on Amazon and found it's price of $14.03 with tax, free shipping. When Autozone rang up the part it was just shy of $20.00 with tax. I asked if they would price match with Amazon. I figured I had a shot at this since Amazon was forced to start collecting sales tax to make a more level playing field with local retailers. The manager had to be called over to do the price match and once he learned I was getting the price from Amazon informed me that they do not price match with online stores. I thanked them for their time and promptly left the store.

Seriously local retailers, if you argued that amazon was kicking your ass because of sales tax they weren't collected I think it's a bit in bad taste to not price match with them. You wanted a level playing field, now act like it. They have better pricing than you on some items. If you want me to go through the inconvenience of coming to your store, searching through unorganized messes, wait for assistance then you better start price matching too. I would have taken a slight discount on the item, but since I don't need the part right away, I'd rather just save the $6 and have it shipped to my house for free with I use my time to do other things.


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