Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Let's help Stephanie Curb Stomp Cancer!


As you know, our dear friend, Stephanie Markham Mingehas been curb stomping cancer for quite a while now. And I gotta say, she has been doing an amazing job! As things stand right now, she needs to get an oral chemo pill and ishaving issues with getting insurance approval to cover the cost of the treatment. Since time is of the essence she has decided to pay for the meds out of pocket. It's not a cheap prescription to say the least. Many of y'all have expressed interest in helping out in one way of another. With the Mingie's approval I have set up a paypal account to help defray some of the costs they will be incurring for the treatment. If you are able to contribute I know it will be very well received by them.

The paypal account is chemofund@gmail.com.

Let's work together to help Stephanie curb stomp cancer!

Note the paypal will say you sent me, Bryan Brooks, the money. However,
the money will go directly to the Steph and Sammy, I'm just administering
the account for them. Also, remember any money sent to this account
are gifts and not charitable donations.

Thanks! Please pass this on to anyone you know who would be willing to contribute.

To learn more about Stephanie's story go see her blog:http://minge411.xanga.com/



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