Thursday, December 1, 2011

Help me do something awesome 2.0

Dear friends,

Last year I invited you to help me do something awesome in celebration of me having a successful trip around the sun. I realize I didn't adequately express how awesome you guys were! I set out to help one family who was in town for cancer treatment at Texas Children's Cancer Center. What we actually ended up raising was  $1500, which was enough to sponsor 3 families! Pretty awesome right? Thank you!

So here is the deal, I've made it around the sun yet again. However, not everyone who started out in January is still with us. In the last year we all lost Sarah, an amazing person, to sarcoma. From my experience and having followed Sarah's journey I decided to do what I could to help make sarcoma go away. I started the Sarcoma Foundation of America, Texas Chapter. We have established a named grant dedicated to Sarah that will go fund ground breaking research for Sarcoma. Our goal is to raise $50,000 in the next year and we will need your help to do it! I'm asking that you help me celebrate my birthday by giving to our fund. If you can't donate please pass this link around so others can know about our efforts. Let's make this go viral! Thanks for your friendship. Let's do something awesome again and make sarcoma's days around the sun numbered!



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