Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm giving up my iPhone for a month

I'm giving up my iPhone for a month to use a Windows Phone 7, a Samsung Focus to be exact. I have been using the Focus for about three days and am really enjoying the experience. There are things about it  I really enjoy and there are a few things I feel annoyed by. I must admit I'm still learning the platform so I might be able to smooth out some of the frustrations going forward as I learn things. I also haven't done lots of research on the net about the platform. If my conclusions below sound uninformed, it's because they are. I do welcome your input on how I could better use the platform.

Initial impressions (Phone and OS impressions mashed together)

I really like the interface. It's a nice break from the iOS / Android paradigm. It's simple and clean and very visually appealing.

The OS / Phone feel very responsive. No noticeable lag.

The interface is intuitive. I haven't had to guess at how to do a task. It just do what I feel would be correct and often find that is what I needed to do.

The presentation of the market place is beautiful. It makes the ultra sparten iOS marketplace look dated and the badly designed Google Market Place the ugly puke fest it is.

Lack of apps. The iOS / Android platforms pretty much have an app to do whatever I need / want. So far I have either been unable to find or apps don't exist for tasks I do daily on iOS.

I'm guessing the OS doesn't handle multi tasking as of yet? If I'm streaming audio the audio cuts out if I go back to the home screen. This isn't a HUGE deal but think it's something the OS should do at this point. Maybe Mango will fix this?

The market place is messy. I tried to search for a Pandora app and mainly got albums I could download. I am not really sure if there is a Pandora app for WP7 but if there is it was lost in the mess of other junk that came up. Apps should be segregated from music.

More on this as the month goes on.


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