Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amazon - A place for deals

We are always looking for deals on items we purchase in our house. With the arrival of Jack our eyes have turned to deals on baby items. Amazon, in addition to their Prime Service, has another program called Amazon Mom. This program offers free shipping, if you don't already have a Prime Account, and further discounts on subscription items. I really like that you can schedule the delivery of these items and get a great deal on them. It removes some of the hassle from our already busy lives and saves us some cash. I highly recommend for new parents. If you don't already have a Prime account this service is free to sign up for, to remain eligible you have to spend $25 a quarter to stay in. Additionally, you can return an item bought under this program for up to one year for free. That is pretty killer IMO.


pvep-kristen said...

Does it seem discriminatory that it's not Amazon Mom and Dad?

Another mommy friend of mine told me about this service. She used it to buy some of the essentials she needed before the baby was born so she could stock up on several months of free shipping.

Unknown said...

If I had to guess Amazon is playing on who they think makes most of these buying decisions. In their description of the service during signup they clarify that you can be a dad, nanny, or other caretaker and still be eligible for the service.