Sunday, June 19, 2011

Electrolux Wave Touch System Clean Mode Manual Start

I have been trying for a while to find instructions on how to manually start the System Clean cycle on an Electrolux Wave touch washer. The Interwebs and even Electrolux failed me in this task. There is plenty of info on the I.Q. Touch models however. This post is for those who have the Wavetouch and want to clean their machine more often than every 50 wash cycles.

1. Push any button to turn on your washer.
2. Choose a cycle.
3. Use the button below the far right open on the WaveTouch menu. Cycle through until
you see the 'Set Prefs' option, then press select.
4. Hit the down arrow until you see System Clean, then press select.
5. The machine will tell you to empty the washer tub of all objects and to pour in bleach
or Tide Washer cleaner. Keep in mind you SHOULD NOT mix the two chemicals together. I
chose bleach because it's $1.50 a gallon and is a very effective cleaner.
6. Press Start and let the cycle go.


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