Friday, June 6, 2008

Book signing and wine tasting with Gary

Last night I had the honor of meeting up with Gary Vaynerchuk, the host of Wine Library TV at the Borders on Market St. in the Woodlands, TX. Other Vanyaics from around the Houston area gathered as Gary signed books. After a very short time we had all exchanged twitter info and followed each other respectively. As the book signing wound down Gary invited us to drink some wine with him.

We all walked over to Cru. Gary very generously provided us all with several bottles of wine to enjoy. Also, big thanks to @gdrukman for providing the food.

Gary was was really pushing us to start a Third Thirsty Thursday. I'm up for it as are a couple of friends of mine. Anyone willing to host the first one? Send replies to @bbrooks on twitter or post in the WLTV thread I started.

Look forward to seeing more of ya'll tomorrow at The Corkscrew.

Update: Haykalr pointed out that it would be good to try and have TTT at a wine bar or BYOB wine place. Think of ideas and we can discuss tomorrow.

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