Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blog back up and live baby!

I have set up my blog again. I got tired of trying to shoe horn MYSQL 5.x or 4.x onto my box at home so I'm using blogger for now.

There are many reasons for this, chiefly being that I just don't have the time to dedicate to something that won't gain me that much benefit right now. Blogger already has the back end built for me and as much as I like to build my own, practicality rears it's head. There are more important issues that require my time and attention.

I plan to use this space to communicate to our family about the progress of John after his stroke. I'm not a fan of mass e-mails and I believe this medium lends itself more aptly to the type of information dissemination that I want to achieve. I will also post my thoughts, struggles, and ideas about the technology work as it applies to life and business. I have quite a bit of experiance and would like to generate disussion with others in and around my field.


Bryan Brooks

P.S. I know this template, being one of the default blogger templates, is a bit over done. Again, as time permits I will dress that up as well. Cheifly, I intend the content here to be the key for now, aesthetics will follow.

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